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Tamara Rokicki



New Release

The Horrors We Hide Anthology (2021)

The past will always haunt you. You can try to forget, to move on...but it will find you.


Seven talented authors bring you a collection of deliciously scary stories.

Just make sure to read it with the lights on.


From Edgar Allen Poe's mysterious death to a family keeping a terrible secret, The Horrors We Hide will settle into your bones and remain with you long after the last page. 

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"This author did an exceptional job keeping me on my toes."

Amazon 5 Star Review

Praise & Reviews about the author

"Tamara Rokicki has established her own unique voice in the

dark fantasy genre."


5 Star Review

"I love the way the author, Tamara Rokicki, was able to give the characters so much depth, the story is beautifully written. "

Goodreads 5 Star Review


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