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Tamara Rokicki's Biography


Tamara Rokicki is a Fantasy & Paranormal author.


When asked to describe herself, she can only come up with a slew of words and titles: hippy, witchy, dreamer, light worker, manifestor, spiritualist, Christopagan, vegan, true Capricorn, artist, and wild child at heart.

She was born and raised in Southern Italy, but now has lived in Florida for over twenty years. She is fluent in English, Italian, and proficient in Spanish and French.

A huge mental health advocate, she often speaks about her journey with generalized anxiety and OCD. She hopes to destigmatize mental illness by normalizing conversations about mental health and self love.


Her earliest published work is The Vampire Prophecies Trilogy, a successful urban paranormal series that captured hundreds of hearts. 


Aside from being an author, Tamara founded and runs The Otherworld Community, a thriving and popular tribe that connects hundreds of readers and indie authors. To date, her Otherworld Publishing Press has published over three anthologies, featuring dozens of authors. To learn more, visit The Otherworld Community.


Her hobbies include mixed media art, anime, going to the beach (she could live there!), hanging out with her family and three dogs. 

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