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Tamara Rokicki is a Fantasy & Paranormal author. She was born and raised in Southern Italy, and now lives in Florida. Her earliest published work is The Vampire Prophecies Trilogy, a successful series that captured hundreds of hearts.


Aside from being an author, Tamara founded and runs The Otherworld Community, a thriving and popular tribe that connects hundreds of readers and indie authors. To learn more, visit The Otherworld tab.

Her hobbies include mixed media art, anime, going to the beach (she could live there!), hanging out with her family and three dogs. 

It's the age-long dilemma. Author writes hundreds of thousands of words for their novels, yet a simple "About me" section is excruciatingly difficult. Why? Because we're used to creating fantastic worlds, fictional characters with far more interesting lives than ours, and unimaginable events. I supposed I will share whatever tidbits one could consider intersting about me, however disjointed all of these may be.

I live in sunny Florida but I was born and raised in Southern Italy till the age of thirteen. I've always found solace in books, and from an early age, I clung to them as my lifeline. Soon, I developed a special calling for writing, and wrote my first Sailor Moon fan fiction at the age of eleven (which has never been published or shared anywhere.)

I own and run The Otherworld, a community for readers and indie authors. It is a huge and popular platform that hosts a book club group, and connects dozens of authors and readers daily. I'm incredibly proud of this community, as I've made many life long friends there. To learn more please check out The Otherworld page.

Last but not least, I'm an indie publisher and have published many authors through anthologies. To learn more about the ways I help authors, check out the Authors tab under The Otherworld page.

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