Tamara Rokicki is a fantasy and dark paranormal author and creator of The Otherworld Community.

Born and raised in Italy, her love for writing began at a very early age, joining her passion for reading. 

Her favorite books are Little Women, Lord of the Rings, The Mists of Avalon, The Rust Maidens
, and

A Voice in the Wind.

Her writing has been published in several anthologies, and she's interned as a columnist and acquisition editor, contributed to magazines and local publications, and taught writing workshops at local libraries.

Tamara's works include The Vampire Prophecies series, four anthologies,  and a paranormal mystery thriller series. Tamara is the owner and founder of The Otherworld Community, a book club and platform that connects authors and readers. She has quickly made a name for herself as a pillar in the indie author community while providing a safe, cozy and friendly environment for women to feel empowered. A strong advocate for mental health and women's rights, she uses her platform to encourage women to realize their potential and practice self-love.

The Otherworld Publishing is her macro-press which has launched new authors into the published

world and continues to mentor and feature writers in collections and collaborative projects.

In her spare time, Tamara enjoys connecting with nature. She loves the beach and hiking in local wildlife parks, and is a huge animal lover. She sheepishly admits of being called a "tree-hugger". She volunteers her time and talent at the local library, assisting patrons, working with the bookstore, and connecting readers to books on a more personal level.


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