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Updated: Sep 8, 2018

You might have seen The Otherworld pop up everywhere, or hearing me talk about it a lot. Let me introduce you to my new community.

How did I come up with The Otherworld?

A few months I decided to create a new Facebook group. I was reluctant to start one, unsure what it would even be a about. As an author, I knew that communities are important, but I couldn't figure out what type of community I needed to create. Until one night, the usual time when my brain cogs start spinning out of control with new ideas, when I came up with the answer: Why not create an online book club in my favorite genres, Fantasy, Paranormal, and Dystopian? So I finally had the purpose of my group figured out. Next, I needed to add some of my unique spins to it. So I thought "Why not do book giveaways, like a main book bundle prize at the end of each month?" That idea was followed with others, like themed book recommendation weeks, sponsored by authors in that themed genre.

The Otherworld Book Club became an instant success and within a couple of weeks, it had already grown to over 100 members.

What I really love the most about The Otherworld Book Club is the people in the group. My bookworms, as I call my beloved readers, are involved, engaged, vibrant, warm, and it's been fun getting to know them. They love getting their bookish gifts, but they actually participate in book discussions, especially at the end of the month when I host our Book of The Month (BOTM) video chat. It is at that time we get to discuss the book we've read together over the month, chatting about the story, the characters, and sometimes...about life!

The Otherworld Book Club recently expanded into more portals. We now have the Readers and Authors group, where authors get to promote their books to eager readers. Readers get to request book suggestions and talk about their favorite authors.

The best feature of The Otherworld, is a brand new project I'm creating with fellow author friend, D. Fischer. The community is publishing its fist anthology, A Hauntingly Romantic Winter. This amazing project, publishing in November, will be an adult fairy tale book collection. To learn more about this epic project, keep an eye out for a new blog post.

Want to be part of this exclusive and ever growing community? A good place to start is The Otherworld Home Community page. There, you will be directed to the different portals leading to the different groups. Get ready, readers and writers, to be transported to another world.

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