What Are Psychic Vampires?

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

The vampire genre has always fascinated me. When it was time to get serious about publishing my fictional work, I knew I had to bring a fresh new twist to the genre. Then, I discovered about psychic vampirism. I was hooked.

The idea of psychic vampires was first introduced to me when working with a fellow writer. Immediately it put my writing cogs into motion. When I decided to write a paranormal story that revolved around psychic vampirism, I plunged into some research. The exploration of this topic brought me down different venues—some informative and enlightening, while others downright creepy.

Some explanations taught about the general energy exchange between human beings. This included the process of feeding off other people’s emotions and life energy. Other studies explored psychic vampirism as a complex belief, enriched with caste systems, different types of energy feeding, and a strong connection with one’s past lives. The topic also touched on darker matter, but I chose not to pursue those ideals, as I only focused on concepts that weren’t spoiled and thwarted by negative or evil intentions.

Despite the contrasting explanations for psychic vampirism, it is solidly wrapped around one simple notion: the exchange of energy is constant and real, a natural process that occurs between people and their environment. Life energy has been called different names, such as Prana or Chi. Fundamentally, it is the force generated within and through life, which connects to the world around us.

As a fiction writer you have to be open minded, enough to approach topics that may not follow your personal beliefs or even make complete sense at times; yet, you also ask yourself why you’re drawn to such mysterious concepts, especially when you’re determined to write a story around their structure. Is there a thread of truth, symbolism, connection, or wisdom, which attracts you to that particular idea?

While writing The Forest House, I realized that we all energy feed, in one way or another. Most importantly, we all experience being fed upon, whether we realize it or not. Many times people and the external circumstances they create in our lives syphon drain or impact our energy level. I’m talking about the emotional and psychological hold that people have in our lives—if we let them.

Because I believe that our energy is strongly connected to everyone and everything around us, I look at psychic vampirism as a strong comparison to the process of life energy. I have witnessed the strong hold of people’s tendrils in my life. These tendrils attached to me and consumed my precious energy in different ways: co-dependency, guilt, pessimism, and even mental abuse. This energy exchange tapping throws us off balance, giving us the common feelings of stress, confusion, doubt, and anxiety.

My novel focuses on psychic vampirism and weaves a story around it. Hera, my main character, is a teen that not only deals with a dysfunctional life, but is also connected to psychic vampirism. Her life force is completely off balance and her weakness hides the power she holds inside of her.

My story reveals that you have the power to harvest your energy—or to destroy it. This message is hidden through vampires, prophecies, and love stories, intertwining magic and spirituality in a quest to draw strength from the darkest of places.

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