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Updated: Nov 12, 2018

A current work in progress that will be published in early 2019.


There is nothing more precious in life than love. For love can move mountains, rotate the earth, fill the day with light and the night with glimmering stars. It makes the impossible happen, the unbeliever believe, and the weak stronger.

So can revenge.

And that’s exactly what I will extract because this is no happy tale. In my cold slumber, I will lie and wait, pondering my miserable death, waiting for an innocent soul to disturb the earth and shatter the silence. Then, I will rise once more, and when I do, be prepared.

For it will be dark, bloody, and vengeful unlike any other catastrophe your world has ever experienced. Revenge will be mine and you will all suffer for the sins of one.

Oh, the one…the one I adored, the one I gave myself to. Until that stark white morning, when blood marred the bleached landscape and the breath was stolen from these lungs. I remember it all too well.

And now, you shall too.


“How much longer, do you think?” Ava asked excitedly.

“Two weeks at most,” Alfred replied, his eyes cast ahead as he strolled next to her.

“I can hardly wait. I’ve been waiting so patiently all year.” She spun on her heels, the boots creating circles on the snow. Placing her gloved hand in his, she leaned closer to him. “I am ready to start my life with you, Alfred Keenley.”

He gave her a half smile, the dimples on his face carving a temporary line on his tan skin. “I do too, Ava Cooper.

“So where are we going?” Ava asked as their stroll took them farther away from her home. She glanced over her shoulder, the early morning fog clouding behind them as they trekked deeper outside her family’s property. Up ahead the woodland grew thicker, aged pines clothed with layers of snow. Father was a kind, amiable man who wasn’t as strict as most men are with their daughters, but leaving the home grounds with a man she wasn’t married to yet, was quite inappropriate.

“We should turn back,” she urged and tugged at Alfred’s arm.

“It’s just a little stroll in the woods,” he countered, a grin spreading on his handsome face. “Two weeks and we will be husband and wife.”

She smiled, butterflies fluttering in her belly. Still, together with the thrill of being alone with her beloved, something pricked her skin, a sense of urgency she could not quite place.

“Is it dangerous to be out here in the woods in the middle of winter?” she asked, remembering the recent tales the village had been gossiping about. It was nothing but whimsical rubbish, legends that spoke of a witch living in the woods and often enchanting people to take captive.

“Oh, Ava Cooper, with me around you shall never fear. I will protect you with every fiber of my being.” Alfred leaned in and placed a kiss on her soft, slightly pink face, for the cold was now brushing against her flesh with arctic fury.

A strong wind wrapped around them both and Ava felt a chill that dug deep into her bones. Something lingered in the air, a strange mood that sent goosebumps down her back.

Alfred took her hand in his and pulled her closer to the edge of the forest. A large oak tree towered over them, his branches covered in snow. It glistened under the feeble morning light. Ava released a sigh. It was so beautiful here, so romantically enchanting. Alfred took her in his arms, kissing her.

She relished the warmth of his lips, letting it seep into her skin and warm her soul on this freezing morning. A nagging feeling still tugged at her heart, even as his arms tightened around her, and for a moment she swore that the forest watched them both.

Her thoughts wondered to the myths, scolding herself for ruining this perfect morning with Alfred. So she leaned in closer, grasping the collar of his coat with her gloved hands, and savoring each passing second she spent in her fiancée’s embrace.

Then a twig snapped.



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