Why You Should Believe in Magic

Everything in life is magical. Our very existence on earth, from the intricate mystery of the brain to the incredible capacities of the body, are a work of magic. Then why can’t our entire life be equally magical? It can be. Here’s how to believe in magic and live a magical life (broom optional).

When you think of the word ‘magic’, what comes to mind? A fantasy world like Harry Potter’s? A witch gliding through the night sky on a broom? Or an enchanted forest filled with cute pixies leaving behind a trail of sparkles? Most of us may recognize magic as an intangible, whimsical, and unrealistic concept, even when our own existence, and that of the world, points to a vast magical network.

As I’m writing this, and you are reading these words, there are several works of magic creating this moment. The way neurons are firing through your brain, causing the information on this page to travel to your occipital lobe and process as a visual stimulus; that is magic.

Sure, there is a scientific explanation backing up every phenomena, but the truth is that even science is a magical concept. The way the study of science was created, organized, learned, approached, and used to understand, rationalize, advance, and treat ourselves and the world we live in, is a testament of how magical our brain is.

Magic is not a tangible concept we can grab with both hands, and neither is life. There’s no official manual or study that pins down the essence of magic--and that is really cool. It’s cool because it means that magic isn’t a one size fits all concept. We get to make it our own, tailor it to our own world and how we see ourselves in it. We get to mold it, reshape it, and initiate it in a way that is unique to us, an original and incomparable source of energy that shapes our lives in whatever way we use it. That means that however you want to understand and use magic, then it will work for you a hundred percent in that manner.

I guess you can also call this notion energy, vibes, or insight, all of which--like magic--are an abstract theory, yet very real in our lives. Most people won’t argue with the reality of having a ‘gut feeling’, or karma, or like attracts like. Yet, that is exactly what magic is all about. You can’t hold karma or intuition in your hands, and science doesn’t provide a special biological explanation for inner insight, but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Magic living, spiritual insight, and foresight may seem like gray areas without much proof. Yet, I’m willing to bet that at least once in your lifetime, you’ve relied on one of these perceptions during a situation you’ve encountered. Have you ever felt a bad vibe about someone the moment you met them? You couldn’t put your finger on it but it was there, a dark energy that surrounded that person. Or the way you seemed to know what another person was feeling or thinking without them even uttering a word? That, friend, is the power of empathy, the sacral chakra (a conversation for another post), and being in touch with feelings and sensitivity.

In other words, magic.

So now that we know magic is always at work, in everything and in everyone, how can we make our life more magic filled?

Stop and Notice Everything.

Being aware of things makes you notice the smallest details. Simply sitting in a forest and observing the way a squirrel scurries up a tree, happily munching and hoarding fruits collected from vines; the rhythmic but untraceable dance of sea waves as they lap at the shore; holding a few grains of sand in your hand and inspecting them closely; or even the distant humdrum of city noises. Paying attention to life as it unfolds in the moment, in big and small moments, creates a sense of being and appreciation for everything. You become in tune with life and everything in it, marveling at how everything seamlessly works together, mingling, shifting, and flowing into what we call everyday life.

Create and Grow Magic...literally.

Nothing is more magical than nature. Aside from providing food resources and healthy remedies, each element in the natural world has a strong symbolism and meaning. The garden can be a magical world all in itself, where the miracle of life, seasons, and weather patterns are seen in a tangible way. Start sprouting beans, or grow your own herbs and vegetables. You don’t have to own a large garden to see the miracle of life in the natural world. Creating your own little growing corner allows you to experience the magic of life, giving you a sense of peace and wonder.

Get in Touch With Your Soul

The most important aspect of magic is the connection and relationship with the abstract and the spiritual world. Talk about chasing after the unseen! Start a meditation practice of just five minutes a day, and you’ll find that magic is truly hidden inside of you. Waiting at your core is the hidden world of self awareness, peace, understanding, and enlightenment.

In India Buddhism meditation was regarded as a gateway to liberation. Meditation is magical because it breaks the chains of pain, emotional discomfort, low self esteem, and sheds light on your multi-dimensional existence.

Magic is all around us. We just have to stop and observe the miracles that shape each and every day.

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