There are many book clubs online...but none like The Otherworld. None that have earned the titles "My club soulmate", and "The best book club I've ever been part of." That's because The Otherworld community is more than a book club. It's a TRIBE. A community of kindred spirits brought together by the love of books, and then bonded and cherished by strong friendships.

The Otherworld has officially become a second family for most of its members, and like a family unit we inspire and help one another. For this reason, we include everyone. From the shy reader to the super hands-on member who wants to be part of all the special features.

Speaking of features...we are the only club who runs contests, giveaways, live hangouts, special birthday presents, free short stories, and so much more.

Tamara, the tribe leader, works hard to provide each member with an unbelievable experience. That means that besides providing high-quality book recommendations in the paranormal, fantasy, dystopian, horror, sci-fi and thriller, she fosters a safe, drama-free club where members feel heard and inspired.

So, what do you get as a member of The Otherworld Book Club?

A LOT! As a Realm Keeper (that's what our readers are called), you get daily book recommendations, access to giveaway and contests, the BOTM--the book of the month selection which all members read together for a chance to win awesome prizes, a Holiday gift to every single member, participation in book release parties, general help and inspirations, chats, and more. All of this is FREE!

For those members who want to be spoiled with a stronger tribe experience, The Otherworld offers two extra levels of memberships for LESS than $8 a month!

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